The appointment of the managing director of a GmbH

The Geschäftsführer (managing director) is the legal representative and management body of a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, ususally abbreviated as GmbH (German equivalent to a company with limited liability). He is appointed in a resolution by the shareholders’ meeting of the GmbH. If a GmbH is newly established, the appointment is usually made by the […]

The German Kommanditgesellschaft – “the all-rounder”

The Kommanditgesellschaft (German equivalent to the limited partnership), generally abbreviated as KG, is a very popular legal form in Germany due to its versatility and is mostly used in the special form as a GmbH & Co. KG. The limited partnership (KG)The limited partnership is characterised by the fact that it is made up of […]

Forming a GmbH in Germany

What is a GmbH? The GmbH (limited liability company) is one of the most popular German company forms. It is a so-called capital company, as the focus of its formation is on the capital participation and capital raising of the shareholders. The advantage of this legal form is that the liability of the shareholders is […]